[Serusers] Limiting Calls per registrar

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Mon Feb 9 00:39:39 CET 2004

I personaly think it is more interesting to encourage making calls rather
than banning it.

Nevertheless, if you wish to ban calls based on user's status, then you
must remember it somewhere. A simple possibility is to write a call
stateful module which will keep a list of calls in some table. New calls
will appear in the table (best inspiration can be imho found in the
accounting module), all new call attempts will be checked against it. 

To make sure that dead phones will not result in calls which are never 
terminated, you may wish to configure SER to use session timer. If the
party, which understands session-timer, is still alive it will be able
to detect the other party is dead and terminate the call. That's mostly
ok -- people typicaly deploy all kind of limitations for calling to
PSTN gateways and they are comfortable with delegating the accuracy job to 

If you don't wish to rely on accuracy of UAs, you may wish to write 
a B2BUA on your own. Such a server will then keep track of call and
will be able to terminate it on its own. That's however quite some work.


At 06:29 PM 2/5/2004, Glenn Dalgliesh wrote:
>After a few discussion with some colleges, although it would not be a simple
>task, we feel it would be possible to maintain a table that would allow one
>to limit calls on a per registrar basis by either using the table you are
>creating in memory to support statefull transactions currently or creating a
>seperate sql based approach. I might even have a programmer who would be
>willing to put in some time on this for the project but the it lead me to
>remember my days of RAS/Radius Authentication. In the early days we had
>problem with lost radius accounting info caused by a crash or packet loss.
>This would leaving users locked out because of connection limits set on the
>radius profiles. Of course the answer was to start polling RAS's via snmp.
>This allowed us to clear bad data periodically from the radius connected
>users table. Along these lines I starting looking to see if there was any
>type of status messages or request that could be sent at a UA to verify it's
>call status and the only thing that I came across mention of session timers
>but I get the impression that some issues exist with support for this
>feature and not much energy is being placed on this because of that. Well,
>all this being said I would appreciate and input/direction in how you would
>like to see Call Limiting on a per user basis become a reality.
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>> That's not possible for the reason you mentioned.
>>   Jan.
>> On 30-01 13:46, Glenn Dalgliesh wrote:
>> > I am looking for a way to limit the number of simultaneous calls that a
>given user can establish thru ser at a time. I realize of course that any
>options would require stateful use of ser but that is already a requirement
>in this project.
>> >
>> > Thanks for any insight
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