[Serusers] SER and presence extensions

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Thu Feb 5 17:25:39 CET 2004

On 04-02 11:39, CURRO_DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> Hello and thanks for your answers.
> However, I have two problems with SER NOTIFY.
> First. When a new user UA1 sends REGISTER, SER doesn't send a NOTIFY to
> users subscribed to Presence of this new user. I don't know whether this
> is a correct behaviour or not.

  No, when UA1 registers then ser sends a NOTIFY when the state of the
  presentity (UA1) changes. It will not send any NOTIFY if there is any
  other contact of UA1 in the user location database because in this case the
  state doesn't change -- UA1 is still considered online.

> Second. An UA1 receives NOTIFY from SER with status="closed", althoug
> the UA2 is 'open'. Does SER use 'location' table to know if user is 'open'? 

  Yes, the presence server uses location table. If there is at least one
  record of the user in the location table then the presence server
  should send open.

  Make sure that you set modparam("usrloc|registrar", "use_domain", 1)


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