[Serusers] udp vs. tcp traffic

Annie Sasidar asasidar at mail.unomaha.edu
Wed Feb 4 23:26:24 CET 2004

   I am using WinCE4.2 X86Emulator Board Support Package and IPPhone as the
platform. The client uses a file to register with the server.In that file i
have specified the ip address of the SIP server. I have not specified any
port number. Below is a part of the debug o/p:

ASYNC_SOCKET::OnConnectReady - Error: 10061 dest:
ASYNC_SOCKET::OnConnectError (0x8007274d) - enter
SIP_MSG_PROCESSOR::OnConnectComplete connect failed 8007274d retry
connecting via HTTP tunnel

>From this debug o/p i take that the client is trying to register on port
5061 for udp.
Please let me know your thoughts.

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