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Joao Sampaio est-j-sampaio at ptinovacao.pt
Tue Feb 3 17:59:07 CET 2004


I have already configured my SER to work with SEMS as Voicemail.
I read the past mail of this list and some FAQs and I get it work. If the
called doesn't answer after a pre-defined time the voicemail answer ok, but
I couldn't not record any voice message.
Where are saved the recorded the voice messages leaved by people. I would
like to test if the messages are being recorded well befor test if they are
delivered to the user email.

Thank you.

Best regards.


João Sampaio

PT Inovação, SA

SRM - Serviços e Redes Móveis

email: est-j-sampaio at ptinovacao.pt
Tlf:  +351 234511160-1907 / +351 234403421

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