[Serusers] setflag

Dinesh feedbak at imelhk.com
Tue Feb 3 10:51:24 CET 2004

Is there any way using serctl or querying the ser database on mysql to
determine what flags were or were not for a Registered UA

I am using nat_uac_test("2") to only select UAs that have not already
been set up for DMZ or Port forwarding.

I want to verify that only the UAs without Port Forwarding or DMZ are
having Flag(6) set.  

if (nat_uac_test("2")) {
	if (method == "REGISTER" || ! search("^Record-Route:")) {
	    fix_nated_contact(); # Rewrite contact with source IP of
	    if (method == "INVITE") {
	        fix_nated_sdp("1"); # Add direction=active to SDP
	    force_rport(); # Add rport parameter to topmost Via
	    setflag(6);    # Mark as NATed

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