[Serusers] RTP proxy/nathelper

Andres andres at telesip.net
Mon Feb 2 01:20:12 CET 2004

Dinesh wrote:

>As use of the RTPproxy consumes bandwidth on the SER/RTPproxy machines
>interface we would like to avoid it's use as much as possible.
>It appears that nat_uac_test detects our UA that are configed with port
>forwarding or DMZ as being behind NAT there by setting flag 6 and
Maybe you can try to be a bit more selective with the "nat_uac_test".  
My guess is  that it is testing positive for test #1(test if source 
address of signaling is different from address advertised in Via).  Try 
testing only for test #2( test for occurences of RFC1918 addresses in 
Contact  header field) by using nat_uac_test("2"). 

Network Admin

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