[Serusers] Ser and Voicemail

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Thu Oct 30 15:58:42 CET 2003

At 02:01 PM 10/30/2003, Alessio Focardi wrote:

>JK> see the thread "standalone voicemail example" in  our archive (copied bellow).
>JK> The mode we built is running SER at a separate place than voicemail,
>JK> i.e., once SER as proxy, once SER as SEMS front-end, possibly at
>JK> the same host but at different port-numbers.
>JK> One-SER-only is workable too for off-line users, but I'm not sure
>JK> it is workable for failed called attemps (failur_routes in script).
>JK> I promised to look at it as time allow -- that still holds, the time
>JK> just has not allowed yet ;)
>Tnx for helping me, now I have 2 Ser servers configured, one for
>normal processing and the other (on port 5090) for voicemail.
>Sems is running, now what I'm missing is the .cfg part of the "real
>server" that will forward calls to the second one (voicemailer).
>I tried some "cut and paste" from examples, I guess that the part that
>controls missed calls is this:
>if (!lookup("location")) {
>                        sl_send_reply("402", "Not Found");
>                        break;
>                };
>But I havent found yet a directive for port rewriting .... Anyone can
>help me figure out ?

here it is, an example config file for the proxy server serving 
a separate voicemail server:


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