[Serusers] append_rpid_hf() and search()

Nils Ohlmeier nils at iptel.org
Mon Oct 27 16:03:30 CET 2003


On Monday 27 October 2003 15:32, Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:
> i'm adding remote party id information to certain SIP messages (to those
> destined to the PSTN gateway). After doing that, i try to search() the
> "Remote-Party-ID" header field for a specific string, and it seems to me
> that search() only works on the initial (received) SIP message rather
> than on the "current" modified message.
> Is that assumption correct? (i hope it's not :)

Your assumtion is correct. Search, insert, replace etc. only work on the 
original request. And the changes are stored as "diffs" until the request 
gets on the wire again.

> If yes, is there another way to search SER's rpid information
> for a specific string?

I fear there is currently no way to search this information in a modified 


> config snippet:
> if (!is_rpid_user_e164()) {
>         append_rpid_hf();
>         xlog("L_INFO", "rpid added");
>         if (search("Remote-Party-ID:.*@1005")) {
>             xlog("L_INFO", "rpid search succeeded");
>         };
>     ...
> thanx
> axelm
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