[Serusers] Contact analyze in Location table

Marc Livet mlivet at call.fr
Thu Oct 16 12:11:55 CEST 2003

Hi all,

We're looking for informations regarding an INVITE action we would like to
plan for SER server;
We're manufacturing a new SIP phone, and in case of DSL-modem router, we're
developing a special REGISTER with 2 Contacts for the same SIP phone:
A public IP address, and a private IP address. In each case, SER server is
placed on external part.

Here is a scheme of what is done:
SIP phone1-----|                        @IPWan

nal SER server]
SIP phone2-----|
Location Table : SIP phone-1 <=> {@IP1 ; @IPWan}
SIP phone-2 <=> {@IP2 ; @IPWan}

What we want to do is following:
When SIP phone1 is looking for a call-session with SIP phone2, we want SER
server to compare WAN contacts in mysql location table, and in case of same
Response (=@IPWan),
it will redirect INVITE by sending a "302 Moved Temporarly" to SIP-phone1,
with a special new contact as SIP-phone2 private IP address (@IP2).
Could anyone ever done that before?

Any ideas are welcome.
Really thanks for your support.
Best Regards.
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