[Serusers] SIP Requests getting matched on my Transparent Web Proxy.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla Daniel-Constantin.Mierla at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Thu Oct 2 11:08:26 CEST 2003

please send us the networks dumps while you try to set up a call and it 
fails.You can use ngrep on the same machine with ser for that. Also, the 
output of 'serctl ul show' will help us.

Just a hint -- it may happen that the condition uri==myself to be not 
matched, so add a line: alias="xxx.yyy.com" in your config file 
(/etc/ser/ser.cfg), after the line fifo="/tmp/ser_fifo", and try again.


On 10/2/2003 10:47 AM, John Foster wrote:

> Hi All,
> A new user here,
> I m using 0.8.11, with default conf file shipped with package.without 
> auth. While my softphone registers with the proxy, it gets listed in 
> "serctl ul show", but another user while joins through same proxy with 
> all other params same except username. The two cannt dial 
> eachother.their addresses URIs are 12345 at xxx.yyy.com 
> <mailto:12345 at xxx.yyy.com> and 22222 at xxx.yyy.com 
> <mailto:22222 at xxx.yyy.com>, while caller,callee and proxy are in same 
> IP subnet. They gett Timeout message.
> Can anyone give any idea?
> Thanks in Adv.
> JF
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