[Serusers] Problem with mySql (new thread)

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I was struggling this problem before. Thanks to Daniel give me some hints. I
finally found out this is the bash enviroment setting problem. The script
can not find the gen_ha1, which is in the same directory. Add in
PATH=./;/usr/bin;/usr/sbin; etc, whatever the files are located, then you
will get the result. Hope this helps.

Good luck!

John H.

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I've created a new server and i've installed ser 0.8.11 (ser and 
ser-mysql-0.8.11-0) with rpm.

When i use the command ./ser_mysql.sh create and it return this:

./ser_mysql.sh: line 1: gen_ha1: command not found
HA1 calculation failed

any idea?

Bye, Andrea

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