[Serusers] Please help with my questions !

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Mon May 26 16:52:08 CEST 2003

At 01:59 PM 5/26/2003, =?big5?B?sWm6X7C2?= wrote:
>   Dear all !!
>   Here I have some questions in using the SER to configure my network environment.
>   First,I would ask you how to do the registration process from the UA to SER.
>   I have used serctl script to add some user account along with password and email in my database(mysql)
>   What I have done is like that "serctl add bob 12345 bob at IP address [my server's IP address(public)]

I recommend you to begin with looking at the command description which shows up
when you call "serctl" without any parameter and SER documentation in general.

There are two separate database tables: subscriber (which most importantly
includes username/password pair) and location (which links address of records
to contact addresses). Updating the former is called suibscription, updating
the latter registration. It seems to me you confuse them.

"serctl add..." only manipulates subscriber database (other way to change it is
through serweb). The location database is typically updated by phones automatically, 
but you can use the serctl "ul add" command too.

Also, please stick to problem reporting guidelines as mentioned on our website.
In particular, network dumps are a very useful thing.


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