[Serusers] forwarding unanswered call - once more

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Tue May 20 01:14:07 CEST 2003

At 11:28 AM 5/12/2003, Tirpák Miklós wrote:
>Is there any way to check the returned status code of the response in "failure_route[1]"? Or how can i decide if the request timed out or negative response returned?

There is not any -- actually, I don't think it matters too much as non-responsive
UAS is of the same use as a negatively responding one.

>I would like to use a backup SIP-ISDN gateway. So if the master fails i would like to resend the requests to the backup. The reason of the negative replay (or timeout) matters in this case.


An option you can try is undocumented reply processing. See the example config file
in nathelper module.


>Jan Janak wrote:
>>On 08-05 09:51, Andrzej Radke wrote:
>>>The request is not forwarded to another sip address after specific time ( i.e. 10 s)
>>>Isn't forwarded never.
>>>Maybe something wrong with my configuration script ??
>>>Could You look into my configuration file http://lists.iptel.org/pipermail/serusers/2003-May/001276.html
>>  I just tried and it worked. Attached find a simple configuration
>>  file that I used. I set fr_inv_timer to 10s (default value is 120s)
>>  and tried to call a user. If the user didn't pick up in 10s then the   original call was cancelled and another invite was sent to user 7271.
>>    Jan.
>># $Id: ser.cfg,v 1.18 2003/05/06 16:19:15 janakj Exp $
>># simple quick-start config script
>># ----------- global configuration parameters ------------------------
>>debug=9        # debug level (cmd line: -dddddddddd)
>>log_stderror=yes        # (cmd line: -E)
>>check_via=no    # (cmd. line: -v)
>>dns=no           # (cmd. line: -r)
>>rev_dns=no      # (cmd. line: -R)
>>loadmodule "./modules/tm/tm.so"
>>modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer", 10)
>>route {
>>        if (method=="INVITE") {
>>            t_on_failure("1");  };
>>        t_relay();
>>failure_route[1] {
>>        log("!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIT\n");
>>        revert_uri();   setuser("7271");        append_branch();        t_relay();
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