[Serusers] Checking for unregistered user

jh at lohi.eng.song.fi jh at lohi.eng.song.fi
Sat Mar 29 15:47:10 CET 2003

Luke Gasteiger writes:

 > Is there a built in function that can check to see if a user exists (not
 > registered).

i have such a function in my radius_auth module.  i call it after lookup
fails in order to find out if the request uri belongs to an existing

        if (!lookup("location")) {
            if (radius_does_uri_exist()) {
                sl_send_reply("480", "Temporarily Unavailable");
            sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

i don't know if that function will be part of the coming, new official
radius_auth module.

-- juha

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