[Serusers] Regarding OPTIONS

Geetha Shree geethas at erivasystems.com
Sat Mar 29 04:49:39 CET 2003

hello every one,

I am facing some problem in the OPTIONS method.

I am getting "404 not found" response.

I wanted to query the server for its capabilities.

I wanted to know which are the methods it supports from the 200OK response of my OPTIONS method.

My packet was as below

OPTIONS sip: SIP/2.0
Via: sip/2.0/UDP
Max-Forwards: 70
To: <sip:>
From: <sip:geetha at>;tag=1047012665620
Call-Id: 82963748691a049dc5aadf81b162c894 at
Contact: <sip:>
Accept: application/sdp
Content-Length: 0

Can some one tell me How SER works for OPTIONS method and why am i getting that "404 not found" response.Is there some problem with my packet?


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