[Serusers] ENUM tel records

Michael Haberler mah at eunet.at
Thu Mar 27 06:07:31 CET 2003

Juha's ENUM lookup routine currently looks up the e164.arpa tree for a 
phone number and searches for a sip record, which is returned and used to 
rewrite the current uri.

ENUM also allows tel: records amongst others.

What, if anything should be done with those, and how should they be treated 
relative to sip records?

I would assume a tel: record could be interpreted as a kind of call 
forward, which could be arbitrarily staged.

One way of handling this could be to explicitely look for tel records with, 
e.g., an argument to enum_query() to have any tel records rewrite the 
current uri, and then go on to look up the result (maybe recursively which 
requires a loop counter and an abort condition).

so the resolution could look like

	while (loopcount--)  {


what do you think?


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