[Serusers] What has changed ???

Stephan Reiff-Marganiec srm at cs.stir.ac.uk
Wed Mar 26 14:44:17 CET 2003

I just updated ser from cvs and encounter the problem that ser will no
longer start.

I have my own module and a function (exec_pol) in that is started from
ser.cfg in the route block.

This used to work fine, but since the latest update from ser, ser just
terminates saying "Parse Error: Command cannot be used in the block".

I got this message after make all, make install and trying to start ser. I
then realised that my module was not compiled anew because the find_export
function now has more arguments (the NO_SCRIPT on, which it didn't need
before). Having fixed this, things compile fine, but the error persists
and I cannot start ser.

Have I overseen an important change??

Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
Research Fellow
Department of Computing Science; University of Stirling
email: srm at cs.stir.ac.uk    tel: 01786 46 7448

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