[Serusers] Hardware and Linux for SIP Express Router

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Wed Mar 26 12:45:46 CET 2003


On 26-03 10:27, Valery Shampal wrote:
> Dear friends,
> We are going to use this product.
> I would like to know what version of Linux RedHat on Intel PC is 
> supported and what hardware is recommended: CPU, Memory, disk, etc.
> Thank you very much in advance.

  You can you almost any linux distribution, if there is no package for
  your favourite distribution you can compile if from sources. I
  recommend you linux kernel 2.4.x. We provide packages for RH 7.1 - 8.0

  SER can handle thousands calls per second on common PC so CPU is
  really not that important :-). Amount of memory depends on load of
  your ser and number of concurrent transactions.

  Disk: Binary packages have less than 400 kB :-), you will need some
  space for MySQL database (that depends on number of users).

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