[Serusers] Accounting Script

Greg Fausak greg at august.net
Wed Mar 26 01:21:54 CET 2003

My partner (Andy Fullford) wrote our code that does this.
We turned on SER accounting, deliver via SYSLOG, and have a script that
scrapes all of that up and creates accounting records.
In addition, we apply the syslog accounting output from our
gateway routers to verify the INVITE/BYE sequences. Finally,
we populate a database with the results.  We were going to
use radius, but it didn't quite work right for us.  I think what we have
cobbled together works really well.  We don't have any 'hanging' calls
anymore....and even if we did we would catch them with the gateway
We did not think the SER user base would be interested.  We use a
postgres database and
this doesn't seem to be mainstream.  However, if there is interest for
sort of thing perhaps we could donate it?
Anyway, you could respond to sip at august.net and ask Andy if he can
hack you out a piece of it to do what you want.
Greg Fausak

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Has anybody developed some sort of crude accounting script for SER that
would match all BYEs with their respective INVITEs in the syslog file
and say how many seconds each call lasted?

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