[Serusers] auth_radius module problem

Nimal Ratnayake nimalr at pdn.ac.lk
Sun Mar 23 13:30:55 CET 2003

Hi Jan,

>do you have nimalr at voip.pdn.ac.lk as username in your users file ?
Yes I do.  I have the user nimalr in the local password file, and 
nimalr at voip.pdn.ac.lk
in the users file. I have tried testing with username "nr" with both 
"nr at voip.pdn.ac.lk"
and "nr"  entries in the users file - but no success.

It looks like the problem is with freeradius, and not ser.  I will try 
to seek help from
the freeradius community as well.

Thanks for all the help.

Nimal R.

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