[Serusers] auth_radius module problem

Nimal Ratnayake nimalr at pdn.ac.lk
Sun Mar 23 05:39:21 CET 2003

Hi Jan,

>  SER sends no User-Password attribute, digest authentication is used
>  and you will have to enable it in freeradius. SER sends all the
>  attributes found in digest response from client and there is no
>  plaintext password.
>  Jan.
Thanks. I enabled digest authentication on freeradius.  But 
authentication is still not
working.  Running radius server on the same host running ser also does 
not help.

The client I am using is linphone 0.10.0.  Has it been tested with ser 
and freeradius?

This is the log from radius server (localhost):

    rlm_digest: Converting Digest-Attributes to something sane...
        Digest-User-Name = "nimalr"
        Digest-Realm = "voip.pdn.ac.lk"
        Digest-Nonce = "3e7d33c5a4fb00856d61af746afbd1faf3c6d57a"
        Digest-URI = "sip:voip.pdn.ac.lk"
        Digest-Method = "REGISTER"
  modcall[authorize]: module "digest" returns ok
modcall: group authorize returns ok
  rad_check_password:  Found Auth-Type Digest
auth: type "DIGEST"
modcall: entering group authenticate
A1 = nimalr:voip.pdn.ac.lk:test
A2 = REGISTER:sip:voip.pdn.ac.lk
KD = 

rlm_digest: FAILED authentication

Nimal R.

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