[Serusers] A question about t_uac_dlg

srm at cs.stir.ac.uk srm at cs.stir.ac.uk
Fri Mar 21 15:58:26 CET 2003


I am trying to use t_uac_dlg to send a new message from a module. It does
not send the message, and I get the following in my log:
Mar 21 14:50:54 d254196 /usr/local/sbin/ser[3111]: ERROR: mk_proxy: could
not resolve hostname: "cs.stir.ac.uk"Mar 21 14:50:54 d254196 /usr/local/sbin/ser[3111]: ERROR: t_relay: bad
host name in URI <sip:srm at cs.stir.ac.uk>Mar 21 14:50:54 d254196 /usr/local/sbin/ser[3111]: ERROR: uri2sock: Can't
create a dst proxyMar 21 14:50:54 d254196 /usr/local/sbin/ser[3111]: ERROR: t_uac_dlg: no
socket found
The code in my module is as follows, where all the ps_ things are str*
variables, with values as indicated by comments:
tmb.t_uac_dlg( // send request
              	ps_req_type, // INVITE
                            PROTO_UDP ,
                            ps_req_uri, // sip:srm at cs.stir.ac.uk
                            ps_req_to, // srm at cs.stir.ac.uk
                            ps_req_from, // mrs at cs.stir.ac.uk
                            ps_req_headers, // NULL
                            ps_req_body, // NULL
                            NULL, // transaction_cb callback param  //
                            optional                            NULL // void* callback pointer  // optional

Any hints? I might have misunderstood what is expected from a request uri.
If so, an example would be very welcome.


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