[Serusers] Registration - 401 Unauthorized

Anton Yurchenko phila at dg.net.ua
Thu Mar 13 17:02:03 CET 2003


I`ve downloaded todays cvs and installed is, now, I am trying to 
register my SIP phone ( Snom 100 ), with it and authorize it.
The phone sends a REGISTER and the ser sends it a 401 Unauthorized.

  0.000000 ->  SIP Request: SUBSCRIBE
sip:phila at phila.dg
   0.002626 -> SIP Status: 404 Not Found
   0.038876 ->  SIP Request: REGISTER sip:phila.dg
   0.042129 -> SIP Status: 401 Unauthorized


I`ve added the user to the mysql database and, am using the 
configuration included in the example ser.cfg ( I`ve uncommented the 4 
# Uncomment this if you want to use digest authentication
  			if (!www_authorize("dg", "subscriber")) {
  				www_challenge("dg", "0");

it seems that the www_challenge sends this message.

How to fix this? And what is the SUBSCRIBE request?

Thanks a lot,


Anton Yurchenko<phila at dg.net.ua>
Digital Generation

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