[Serusers] bug in tm module - 503 Service Unavailable

Tirpák Miklós mtirpak at sztaki.hu
Thu Mar 13 09:25:38 CET 2003


I think there is a bug in the tm module of he CVS tree:

timer.c line 283:
if (SEND_BUFFER( r_buf )<=0) {

SEND_BUFFER returns -1 on error, and 0 on success, so it should be
if (SEND_BUFFER( r_buf )==-1) {

SER always sends "503 Service Unavailable" respond after sending INVITE 
retransmissions in our test environment. Modifying timer.c solved this problem. 
I can attach my syslog or udp-log if necessary.

   Miklos Tirpak
   Computer and Automation Research Institute   e-mail : mtirpak at sztaki.hu
   of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences         phone  : (361) 279-6011
   H-1132. Budapest, Victor Hugo u 18-22        fax    : (361) 279-6021

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