[Serusers] Admin Interface

Erik Lagerway sipdev at xten.com
Thu Mar 6 22:49:44 CET 2003

We are contemplating building an Admin interface for SER that could run on a
windows os. We like the fact that the server is running on Linux but we
require a more intuitive interface for administration.

A web interface is not acceptable, just not enough functionality. We would
like to create an executable that runs on windows which interfaces with SER
server running on Linux.

I am curious if anyone else could make use of a GUI that would incorporate
all of the SER features and functionality. What do you think? Should we
attempt it? Does anyone have any preference on the language we use, e.g.
JAVA, C++ ?

Erik Lagerway

Xten Networks Inc.
7170-515 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
Ph. 1.604.878.0440 ext.5
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