[Serusers] SER and SIPC (columbia uni)

Xiaotao Wu xiaotaow at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Mar 6 17:53:29 CET 2003

Please tell me what version of sipc you are using?

BTW, I did not see any attachment of the log.



Name      : Xiaotao Wu
Email     : xiaotaow at cs.columbia.edu, xiaotaow at hotmail.com
Homepage  : http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~xiaotaow
Phone     : (212)939-7054,  Fax: (801)751-0217
Phone-PC  : (212)939-7133
SIP       : sip:xiaotaow at conductor.cs.columbia.edu
Office    : Room 506, Mudd building, West 120th

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Jonathan Lennox wrote:

> Actually, Xiaotao Wu (Cc'd) is our client guy; I'm the server guy.
> On Thursday, March 6 2003, "Jiri Kuthan" wrote to "Mario Kolberg, serusers, lennox at cs.columbia.edu" saying:
> > At 12:32 PM 3/6/2003, Mario Kolberg wrote:
> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >I tried to use the SER SIP server together with a number of different UAs. I successfully used a Pingtel phone, pingtel softphone, the Ubiquity UA, and kphone on linux. However, when I tried to use SIPC from Columbia Uni I keep getting eror messages 400: Bad Request. As all the other UAs are working fine I assume this may be a problem with sipc. Have you any experiences with using sipc and ser?
> >
> > We don't. I'm fwding to Jonnathan Lennox, he will possibly know more.
> >
> > >I attach an error log between the Pingtel phone ( is trying to send an INVITE to sipc ( SER (and ngrep) are running on (registrations are going through fine and also invites the other way (from sipc to pingtel) go through ok).
> >
> > Note that it is not necessarily ser-sipc problem -- ser proxies the
> > pingtel request which may be what sips does not like.
> >
> > -Jiri

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