[Serusers] SER and SIPC (columbia uni)

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Thu Mar 6 12:38:04 CET 2003

At 12:32 PM 3/6/2003, Mario Kolberg wrote:
>I tried to use the SER SIP server together with a number of different UAs. I successfully used a Pingtel phone, pingtel softphone, the Ubiquity UA, and kphone on linux. However, when I tried to use SIPC from Columbia Uni I keep getting eror messages 400: Bad Request. As all the other UAs are working fine I assume this may be a problem with sipc. Have you any experiences with using sipc and ser?

We don't. I'm fwding to Jonnathan Lennox, he will possibly know more.

>I attach an error log between the Pingtel phone ( is trying to send an INVITE to sipc ( SER (and ngrep) are running on (registrations are going through fine and also invites the other way (from sipc to pingtel) go through ok).

Note that it is not necessarily ser-sipc problem -- ser proxies the
pingtel request which may be what sips does not like.


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