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I fear that such a case can't be avoided with allowing only
a single registration. If I steal your phone away from your
desk, you will not register with it anymore, but I will and
we will have exactly one valid registration. Leaving SIP 
phones  with hard-wired passwords on your desk has simply the 
same potential as leaving your credit-card or cell-phone there.

What can be done about fraud?

User education -- don't leave your money and phone unattended.
Hotline -- report stolen phones to lock the account.
PIN Lock -- use phones which can log-off and log-on (I'm not aware
  of any now -- only 3com used to do that)


ps -- ability to move is a feature. I know people who are very glad 
to use Vonage's US phone number and move with their ATAs and the
US phone number around in Europe.

At 11:37 PM 3/5/2003, Ng, Soo Sim wrote:
>Scenario is providing IP Telephony to the household.
>I am more concern about the security of the Hardphone. I am thinking of auto-provisioned the hardphone (eg C7960, ATA186) without subsriber intervention. What the subscriber know is their phone # (Just like legacy phone system).
>Since the Hardphone is 'hard-coded', the phone can move round the vicinity of the redisential area and still able to make a call. Potentially this will lead to abuse, as someone may take the phone to a different location when owner is not around and make a 'free' call, return back the phone and the billing still charge the original subsriber.
>Any other suggestion to counter this issue is much appreacited.
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>At 03:08 PM 3/4/2003, Ng, Soo Sim wrote:
>>I have such requirements. In providing sip-based residential ip telephony, I would like to restrict each home subsriber is only allowed to register one UA per account. This would make easy for billing purposes and for security reasons.
>>Is there a way to achieve this requirement with SER?
>If that is your desparate wish, it is little overhead to make you happy.
>I'm still not sure though, it is a useful thing.
>Maybe an operator can make more revennues if my wife can accept calls at 
>any phone in my building and initiate calls in parallel with my doughter.
>What are exactly the billing/security reasons here?

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