[Serusers] Messenger 4.7, CIsco and PSTN

Rikard Westlund rikard_westlund at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 11:04:17 CET 2003

Hi all,

I have a Ser 0.8.10-2 install on a Redhat 7.3 kernel 2.4.18-3.

As clients I use Pingtel and messenger 4.7. I have followed the setup guide 

I can register the pingtel phone with no problem. I can call from the PSTN 
to the pingtel via a Cisco AS5300 with no problems.

When i try toi call from pingtel to PSTN iget the following answer:

1. from pingtel to ser - INVITE sip:<pstnnumber>@serserver_ip
2. from ser to pingtel - Status: 100 trying
3. from ser to cisco  -  INVITE sip:<pstnnumber>@serserver_ip
4. from cisco to ser  -  Status: 400 bad request - ínvalid IP address'
5. from cisco to ser  -  Status: 400 bad request - ínvalid IP address'

This is my ser.cfg:

# $Id: ser.cfg,v 1.12 2002/10/21 02:40:06 jiri Exp $
# simple quick-start config script

# ----------- global configuration parameters ------------------------

debug=4          # debug level (cmd line: -dddddddddd)
log_stderror=no	# (cmd line: -E)
check_via=no	# (cmd. line: -v)
dns=no           # (cmd. line: -r)
rev_dns=no      # (cmd. line: -R)

# ------------------ module loading ----------------------------------

# Uncomment this if you want to use SQL database
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/mysql.so"

loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/sl.so"
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/tm.so"
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/rr.so"
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/maxfwd.so"
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/usrloc.so"
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/registrar.so"

# Uncomment this if you want digest authentication
# mysql.so must be loaded !
loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/auth.so"

# ----------------- setting module-specific parameters ---------------

# -- usrloc params --

#modparam("usrloc", "db_mode",   0)

# Uncomment this if you want to use SQL database
# for persistent storage and comment the previous line
modparam("usrloc", "db_mode", 2)

# -- auth params --
# Uncomment if you are using auth module
#modparam("auth", "secret", "alsdkhglaksdhfkloiwr")
modparam("auth", "calculate_ha1", yes)
# If you set "calculate_ha1" parameter to yes (which true in this config),
# uncomment also the following parameter)
modparam("auth", "password_column", "password")

# -------------------------  request routing logic -------------------

# main routing logic


	# initial sanity checks -- messages with
	# max_forwars==0, or excessively long requests
	if (!mf_process_maxfwd_header("10")) {
		sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops");
	if (len_gt( max_len )) {
		sl_send_reply("513", "Message too big");

	# Do strict routing if pre-loaded route headers present

	# if the request is for other domain use UsrLoc
	# (in case, it does not work, use the following command
	# with proper names and addresses in it)
	if (uri==myself) {

		if (method=="REGISTER") {

# Uncomment this if you want to use digest authentication
			if (!www_authorize("norrtull.nexus.se", "subscriber")) {
				www_challenge("norrtull.nexus.se", "0");


# attempt handoff to PSTN

                 if (uri=~"^sip:1[0-9]*@norrtull.nexus.se") {  ##  This 
assumes that the caller is
                        log("Forwarding to PSTN\n");      ##  registered in 
our realm
                        t_relay_to( "cisco_ip", "5060");  ##  Our Cisco 

		# native SIP destinations are handled using our USRLOC DB
		if (!lookup("location")) {
			sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");
	# forward to current uri now
	if (!t_relay()) {



In the cisco I have the following config:

dail-peer voice 25 voip
destination-pattern XXXX
session protocol sipv2
codec g711alaw
no vad
session target ipv4:serserver_ip

I have added 2 subscribers with the serctl command and registration is 
working well from pingtel. In Messenger 4.7 it's not working at all. I get 
401 Unauthorized.

Well I think thats about it..

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information

Best regards

Rikard Westlund

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