[Serusers] multiple registration on one user login

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Tue Mar 4 15:06:42 CET 2003

At 02:19 PM 3/4/2003, jh at lohi.eng.song.fi wrote:
>Jan Janak writes:
> > Yes, several UAs can register with the same account and currently there
> > is no way in ser how to prevent it. Do you really need such a
> > restriction ? If you do that, users will be unable to register several
> > phones or user agents and utilize forking, for example.
>yes, i agree that allowing many uas to register the same uri is very
>useful.  the only problem that i see in ser regarding it is that ser
>doesn't yet implement sequential forking based on the q value.  it would
>we great if first my sip ua would ring and it that times out, then my
>mobile phone would ring.

I put it on our long-term to-do list. I'm thinking of some lookup filters
like lookup("table", "q<.5") ... t_on_negative("1"); ...
reply_route[1] { lookup("table", "q>=.5") ...


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