[Serusers] Pkg_malloc

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Sat Mar 1 21:41:27 CET 2003


thank you very much. Quick comments follow inline.

At 08:12 PM 3/1/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
>One thing I found difficult (probably because I'm getting older and
>can't program like I used to) is keeping track of memory.  I've written
>too much java, and before that my partner wrote a memory allocation
>routines that I have used over the years.  I have discussed it with
>him (Andy Fullford) and he said he would donate these routines to your
>project if
>you deem it appropriate.  Basically, they allow parent/child

Thank you -- it looks like a very convenient feature. I need to chat 
with our malloc owner on that. I suspect that changing ser to this
library now would be very difficult.

>Anyway, there are a couple of issues I have hit with the
>Postgres module and database.  First, the column 'user' won't
>work in postgres, as it is a reserved word.  So, I went with 'user_id'.
>This involved changing many other programs in different modules.

I guess that's just about changing the default column name, isn't it?
If that's all, we should go for that in the upcoming release.

>Second, I won't be able to completely test the module.
>I have tested it with my ser.cfg file, which just does
>subscriber and location table updates.  There are a bunch
>of other tables used by other modules that I haven't tested
>because I don't use them and don't know how.

We will need to spread the testing load accross module owners.
I fear that will not happen before the upcoming release.

>Third, I haven't worked in a public project before.  Obviously handing
>off the postgres module directory will be easy, but the tiny changes
>for 'user' to 'user_id' in the many other files in other modules, how
>do I forward those changes, or do you even want them?

Submit your patches, we will review them.

>Fourth, there are other files that are related to the new database
>module that need to be written.  For instance, serctl is wrapped up
>in mysql, and there is the database creation script itself.  I will
>write these postgres based files, but at a slower pace over the next

Getting these sripts postgress-friendly would be a great help. At the
moment, the best person to do that is probably you because the next 
most related person is myself and my latency is now growing terribly.


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