Fw: [Serusers] Question about SEMS voicemail

Raphael Coeffic raphael.coeffic at iptel.org
Wed Jun 25 12:46:59 CEST 2003


i forgot to answer some of the questions:

>Any ideas why is this happening?
I think it is a compatibility problem between Ser & Sems FIFO interface. I
would be able to tell you more if i see the ans_machine's debug logs. Start
it with '-D 3 -E' and send me the complete output. Do the same with Ser (in
ser.cfg: debug=7, fork=no, log_stderror=yes).

>I also would like to know what codecs does this voicemail supports?
Mu-Law, A-Law, GSM. Futher codecs are planned.
If you want to add codec support on your own, Sems has an easy-to-use
plug-in interface/Sdk &  for this purpose. Just have a look at the existing
ones in the plug-in directory (gsm & wav). If you have any question
regarding the implementation/integration of new codecs, feel free to mail me
personally (raphael.coeffic at iptel.org).

>Is there a way to retrieve the messages by phone or just by email?
At the moment, just by email. There are some plans to develop some web-based
solution. A phone-based solution would suppose to implement an IVR, which is
not yet on the roadmap, as we think that it belongs to the past. If you need
this for commercial use, contact Jiri Kuthan (jiri at iptel.org) for more


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