[Serusers] Processing of OPTIONS Request

Chintan Thakker cthakker at ipnetfusion.com
Thu Jun 19 19:48:52 CEST 2003

  Should the server produce a 100 - TRYING (Stateful)/200 - OK 
(Stateless) to the calling party when an OPTIONS message is sent to it. 
[11.2 processing of OPTIONS request @ rfc3261 - "The response code 
chosen MUST be the same that would have been chosen had the request been 
  Currently the server just forwards the OPTIONS message (to the called 
party) without sending a (200/100) back to the calling party.


Platform: GNU/Linux 2.4.18-14 i686
Server: Sip EXpress router (0.8.11pre29 (i386/linux))

-- Start OPTIONS message --
2003/06/19 12:40:05.819450 ->
  OPTIONS sip:9727610001 at SIP/2.0.Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;
  branch=z9hG4bKkdjuw.Max-Forwards: 70.From: "9727619271"    
<sip:9727619271@>;tag=323.To: sip:9727610001 at 
517928895 at 192.1.
  2.88.CSeq: 1 OPTIONS..
-- End OPTIONS message --

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