[Serusers] How to register MSN Messenger4.6 to non-default port of ser

Masakazu Nakano n-mack at md.neweb.ne.jp
Thu Jun 19 10:10:24 CEST 2003

Hi Mr.kato.

Maybe like that in your MSN Messenger.

Server name or IP address: your.ser.server:5065

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On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:05:03 +0900
Zen Kato <zenkato at pis.bekkoame.ne.jp> wrote:

>I have been running ser-0.8.10/FreeBSD-4.7 for 6 months
>without problem. I changed ser default port,i.e.,5060 to
>5065 on ser.cfg because some sip phone needs 5060 for 
>their STUN/NAT traversal now. It works fine for sip hardphones
>using UDP:5065 of ser for REGISTER, but MSN Messenger4.6
>on windows98 could not REGISTER eventhough the REGISTER
>packet was sent from the Messenger4.6 to the ser's 5065
>as bellow;
>-------------------sample -------------------  
>U 2003/06/19 10:10:08.426264 ->
>  REGISTER sip:tel.no-ip.com SIP/2.0..Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
>  om: <sip:050021 at tel.no-ip.com>;tag=acbb1c1c-a23c-11d7-8627-0090997e7578..To
>  : <sip:050021 at tel.no-ip.com>..Call-ID: acbb1c1d-a23c-11d7-8627-0090997e7578
>  @ 2 REGISTER..Contact: <sip:>;methods=
>  -Agent: Windows RTC/1.0..Expires: 0..Content-Length: 0....                 
>--------------------sample end-----------------
>Messenger4.6 does not accept "aaa at foo.bar.com:5065" and never
>change UDP port: 
>       REGISTER sip:foo.bar.com
>       From: <sip:aaa at foo.bar.com>
>       To: <sip:aaa at foo.bar.com>
>I tried "iptel.org SIP Express Router v0.8.10 -- Admin's Guide,
>Troubleshooting,Q: Windows Messenger authentication fails. "
>but it does not work.
>Does someone know how to register Messenger4.6 to non-default
>port of sip proxy?
>Zen Kato
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