[Serusers] ser.cfg for PSTN GW

Younger Wang wygmail at yeah.net
Fri Jun 20 00:00:17 CEST 2003

It seems ok with your syntax. Should you give more detail?

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  thank u for your kindly reply . the ser can be started. by I alway got the
  400 "invilid ip addr"error.

  i use the following to provide the GW IP
      #forward (,5060);
       t_relay_to( "", "5060");
  each of which cannot work out .got the same error.

  can u give me other suggestions.?

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  Please add a semicolon ';'  after the last '}'

  Younger Wang

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  Subject: [Serusers] ser.cfg for PSTN GW

  hi, all,

  whenever I add the following lines in  the ser.cfg, the ser cannot start up.
  #for PSTN gateway
    if (uri=~"^sip:[0-9]*") {
       forward (,5060);   # is my CISCO SIP2PSTN

  I just add in the  default ser.cfg.
  when I comment these lines. the ser can be started.
   if (uri==myself) {

    if (method=="REGISTER") {

  # Uncomment this if you want to use digest authentication
  #   if (!www_authorize("iptel.org", "subscriber")) {
  #    www_challenge("iptel.org", "0");
  #    break;
  #   };


    #for PSTN gateway
    #if (uri=~"sip:8010") {
    #   forward (,5060);
    #   #rewritehostport("","5060")
        #   break;

    # native SIP destinations are handled using our USRLOC DB
    if (!lookup("location")) {
     sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

  can anyone tell me what 's wrong with these line.

  Best Regards,


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