[Serusers] ACC hiding source.

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Tue Jun 17 00:02:48 CEST 2003

I don't know what you mean by "real source" -- I mean acc prints
what is in From and content of From header field is determined by
user. If you mean digest identity, then there are several options:
- upgrade to 8.11; acc module there can print digest id 
- enforce content of from to be same as digest identity; drop
  requests with anynymous/bizzar From and allow and report only
  such where From==digest_id


At 11:54 PM 6/16/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
>Looking at the ACCounting output from 0.8.10, the UA
>has the ability to hide the source.  For example,
>        Jun 16 15:51:17 rave ser[25425]: ACC: transaction answered:
>        method=INVITE, i-uri=sip:233200 at addaline.com;user=phone,
>        o-uri=sip:233200 at;user=phone;transport=udp, call_id=
>        5f695344-4242-c6f9-2ec3-13fc1601e299 at, from= Anonymous
>        <sip:who at private.org;user=phone>;tag=26a4758b-baa2-b388-8a63-25bb3019fb86,
>        code=200
>This actually came from the user '231146 at addaline.com'.
>Is there some way to report the actual source, instead of
>the 'reported' source, in the accounting records?  This was
>an authenticated call, and 231146 had to authenticate with
>a password before the INVITE was processed.
>The accounting modules is printing:
>    if (usesyslog) {
>        LOG( log_level,
>            "ACC: transaction answered: "
>            "method=%.*s, i-uri=%.*s, o-uri=%.*s, call_id=%.*s, "
>            "from=%.*s, code=%d\n",
>            rq->first_line.u.request.method.len,
>            rq->first_line.u.request.method.s,
>            rq->first_line.u.request.uri.len,
>            rq->first_line.u.request.uri.s,
>            rq->new_uri.len, rq->new_uri.s,
>            rq->callid->body.len, rq->callid->body.s,
>            rq->from->body.len, rq->from->body.s,
>            /* take a reply from message -- that's safe and we don't need to be
>            worried about TM reply status being changed concurrently */
>            code );
>    }
>How can I get the real source to print out on this LOG message?
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