[Serusers] Forwarding to another number if busy

Andy Blen andy.blen at iptel.org
Fri Jun 6 23:08:01 CEST 2003

Use then the other methods, for instance look if the request is coming
from SER's address. The condition src_ip==gw cannot hold since you 
forward to yourself and the request appears to come from server itself
in the second cycle.


At 08:51 PM 6/6/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
>The point is there aren't any credentials.
>Anyway, thanks for the ideas.
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>> At 05:47 PM 6/6/2003, Andy Blen wrote:
>> >At 05:14 PM 6/6/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
>> >>I do not know why reply_route seems to call the
>> >> main route block again.  I do know that if I comment out
>> >> the authentication code in the main route block my forwarding
>> >> works.  If I do not comment it out, then the forwarding
>> >> fails with an 'Unauthorized' directed at the pstn gateway.
>> >
>> >Presumably, you rewrite the URI with a URI which results in
>> >a loop over loopback interface. That causes a request to be
>> >forwarded to the server again as a new transaction, which is
>> >subject to authentication checks again. You can verify it by looking
>> >at via_cnt in Warning header field of replies or by watching
>> >local interface.  There are different ways of dealing with it
>> >-- not challenging request coming from itself, forwarding to
>> >gateway directly (as opposed through itself), for example.
>> one more possibility is not to consume credentials if next hop
>> is youself.
>> a. 
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