[Serusers] how to look at user registered

LynlvL at netscape.net LynlvL at netscape.net
Wed Jun 4 11:48:52 CEST 2003

Starting using ser with the default ser.cfg on my linux system, I was able to successfully REGISTER a SIP UA to the ser proxy. 200 OK was answered by the proxy to the UA.
I did not install MySql and would like to look at InMeme DB Registration status. 
serctl ul show returns the following and I can't get any info about my registered UA. Could you help me ?
===Domain list===
name : 'location'
size : 512
table: 0x402fb350
d_ll {
    n    : 0
    first: (nil)
    last : (nil)
lock : 0

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