[Serusers] Problems and doubts

giAndrea andrea at giandrea.com
Thu Jul 31 16:08:00 CEST 2003

Hi to all

i've some doubts:

I've installed SER on a Linux RedHad 9.0.

1 - Why I can't see another SER server on a lan with MSN? Ex. 
andrea at foo.bar cannot send message and view andrea at foo2.bar

2 - On seruser.pdf at page 50 i've read that "The latest SER release 
includes automated multidomain management which greatly automates 
maintenance of multiple domains.". I've seen on mySql db that there is the 
domain table with domain primary key and on subscriber table user_name and 
domain are primary key. I think that there is exist a foreign key from 
subscriber to domain. Who has to write the information on this table? How 
do i configure ser to use multiple domain?

3 - How do I configure ser to report information on mySql database? For 
example, i've configured ser for Reporting Missed Calls by the acc module 
but there is an error on acc_request("404 Not Found"); instruction on ser.cfg.

4 - Microsoft MSN 6.0 doesn't support service communication. Is it true?

5 - On seruser.pdf at page 87 there are the old version of database tables.

6 - Where can i found help for ser command line options?

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