[Serusers] Questions about IP Phone cisco7960??

Ng, Soo Sim soosim.ng at hp.com
Mon Jul 28 12:31:45 CEST 2003

One would use a TFTP server to download the firmware and config files to IP Phone 7960
I suggest you used a Windows-based TFTP server and put the files in the default dir of your TFTP server.
All the files need to be downloaded available from Cisco Web site but you need a COO account.

Hope this helps



[Serusers] Questions about IP Phone cisco7960??
Hassan CHOUMAR Hassan.Choumar at int-evry.fr  <mailto:serusers%40iptel.org?Subject=%5BSerusers%5D%20Questions%20about%20IP%20Phone%20cisco7960%3F%3F&In-Reply-To=>
Mon Jul 28 12:36:18 CEST 2003 
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 I installed the server SER he works well with users agents software
as (MSNMessenger 4.6, SJPHONE), with regard to IPphone as cisco 7960 I
have a problem it is that he cannot look for the server SER, during
his functioning, what is that nobody can help me to know where from
comes the problem, 
With regard to the server TFTP is what that is the same that of the
server SER, 
anybody knows where is files to be downloaded on the server TFTP.

7.2.2.        On the TFTP server load these files:
a.       OS79XX - Identifies which firmware the phone should load
with no extension. Example: P0S3-04-1-00

b.      P0S3-04-1-00.bin - The firmware image

c.       SIPDefault.cnf -      Site wide configuration options

d.      SIPmacaddress.cnf - Phone specific settings, including logon
name and password.  Example: SIP000A8A93D466.cnf

e.       RINGLIST.DAT, ringer1.pcm, ringer2.pcm - ring tones

Thank you for advance 

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