[Serusers] Re: [Serdev] radius accounting capabilities with SER

jaime at umtstrial.co.uk jaime at umtstrial.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 18:12:24 CEST 2003

Thanks Jan, that made it work!

Also, it seems that if loose_route processing is applied at the beginning
of the route {} statement (as it was my case), BYE's or CANCEL's got
processed there and did not get flagged for accounting.


> Hello,
> my quick guess is that you set the accounting flag only for INVITE
> requests. Make sure that the flag is set also for BYE requests.
> By default it is flag 1 (i.e. use setflag(1)) if you didn't change it
> using modparam.
>   Jan.
> On 25-07 16:48, jaime at umtstrial.co.uk wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have been going through the archives, but could not see any question
>> on the same subject, so here it goes:
>> After putting together a freeradius server and a CVS version of SER,
>> the server can authenticate users using RADIUS. Now I'm trying to do
>> accounting on certain events, mainly calling and sending messages
>> between clients.
>> Radius Accounting Start messages are created and sent to the RADIUS
>> server when calling from one User Agent to the other, but no Stop
>> messages are created once the two end points finish the conversation.
>> SIP dialogs are record-routed, so SER is able to see all the
>> transactions.
>> My questions are:
>> - What triggers the generation of radius accounting requests?
>> - Can we configure these triggers somehow (on a per method/filter
>> basis)?
>> Any hints on this would be very appreciated.
>> Jaime
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