[Serusers] Questions about the clients SIP cisco?

Hassan CHOUMAR Hassan.Choumar at int-evry.fr
Fri Jul 25 15:01:51 CEST 2003

Hello all,
Anybody knows where are file installed on the proxy server SIP, to use
the cisco customer SIP 7960, if anybody it had them, please send to me

Thank you in advance 

7.2.2.        On the TFTP server load these files:
a.       OS79XX – Identifies which firmware the phone should load
with no extension. Example: P0S3-04-1-00

b.      P0S3-04-1-00.bin – The firmware image

c.       SIPDefault.cnf -      Site wide configuration options

d.      SIPmacaddress.cnf – Phone specific settings, including logon
name and password.  Example: SIP000A8A93D466.cnf

e.       RINGLIST.DAT, ringer1.pcm, ringer2.pcm – ring tones

Thank you in advance 

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