[Serusers] Firewall and NAT

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I have got an H323 Mediatrix FXO gateway. It is not SIP based. May I use it
with SER?

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I think its this way:

FXO-interface: connects to the PSTN network an behaves like a normal phone
the PSTN network.

FXS-interface: connects to phone and behaves like a PSTN network to the
phone (acts as a power supply for the phone).

Simple scenario:

Analog Phone <---> FXS + PC <----VoIP----> PC + FXO (=Gateway) <---->PSTN


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> >We are using Check Point firewall I configured this
> >server to allow both way in/out and NATED with public
> >IP.
> >For testing purpose I kept all ports opened in the
> >firewall, for this particular server. I don’t why I am
> >not able to register it.

Might take a closer look at the Checkpoint to see if it is
doing Port Address Translation (PAT) in addition to NAT.
If I recall correctly, the older versions of Checkpoints
software did PAT, which caused folks problems when an app
wanted to use specific tcp/udp port numbers (for example,
when trying to use an non-checkpoint VPN box on the inside
of the checkpoint).

> >Which is better PSTN gateway. We are looking at 1 to 2
> >FXS port at this time for testing purpose.
> ? FXS is a PSTN-phone-2-IP gateway, isn't it? The most
> popular is cisco's ata.

Think the FXS is a Foreign Exchange interface intended to tie
a ser-accessible gateway to a telephone/pbx line (not to a
telephone instrument).

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