[Serusers] sending a request within transaction

Mario Kolberg mko at cs.stir.ac.uk
Tue Jul 15 19:11:43 CEST 2003


I'm trying to sent a CANCEL request within a transaction.

User A invites user B and the messaeges are sent via proxy P. In the 
scenario, A sends an INVITE to B, and B replies with an 200OK. Depending 
on some conditions, the proxy may decide that this 200OK should not be 
forwarded to A. And P will send a CANCEL request to B (using 
request_within from the tm module). This causes two problems:

1) Sending this request fails !sometimes! and I have no idea why. 
According to the log, it appears to be crashing within the 
request_within call. Is this because I have not filled the dialog (dlg) 
data structure correctly? I have attached the relevant code. Have I 
overlooked a data field? The log (compressed) can e obtained from 
http://www.cs.stir.ac.uk/~mko/crash_log.gz (search for ' BUG' in the 
log). Can you see anything obvious wrong? From the log it looks like the 
RR hooks in dlg may be incomplete???

2) However, !sometimes! for some reason, the CANCEL actually is sent and 
reaches B. B then answers with a 487 Request Cancelled message and also 
with a 200 OK for the Cancel itself. But P when forwards the reply 
messages on to A, which is not aware of the CANCEL at all! I see that B 
has put in an extra via header with A's address into the replies. This 
via header is not in the CANCEL request.

Is request_within actually the best way of doing this?

Thanks very much for your help.

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