[Serusers] SER installation, allows signin, but can't see anyone else

Morris, Scott MorrisS at orau.gov
Tue Jul 8 19:34:19 CEST 2003

I have 0.8.11pre29 installed on Redhat 8.0.  Also have MySQL installed and
working, so my users have been declared "persistant".

I can sign-in, but cannot see any of my contacts that are signed-in.  If I
go to the server, I can see the list of those signed-in.  I tried to change
the ser.cfg file for debugging, but then SER won't start up, and the server
hangs at "Starting SER".  I can't go any further at the console, I have ssh
in and kill then process then reboot.

Scott Morris
Senior Network Engineer
'B' Schedule

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