[Serusers] SIP & application server

Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Mon Jul 7 10:19:29 CEST 2003


I'm novice at SIP technology and I have some questions about it.

When we speak about "application server" in SIP (SER may acts as AS) 
what does it means? Is it server which siply launch external 
applications (internal module or fork & exec) to rewrite SIP/SDP packet 
and forward it to next hop or something else?

For example if I want to write application which accept external call, 
make some decisions on it and then make external call. Is it suitable 
for SER or I must write something like B2BUA and start it as independed 
application (as UA from the point of view of SER) ?

Thanks for advise!

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