[Serusers] calling a module

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Fri Feb 14 20:24:19 CET 2003

You need to have a ser action called from within a route block.


At 04:00 PM 2/14/2003, Mario Kolberg wrote:
>> simply use fi_check() in the configuration script. That will call your
>> function.
>Thats what I thought also, but unfortunately, SER does not run when. If I run it with a call fi_check() in the ser.cfg file it logs a parse error:
>Feb 14 14:15:00 DISCUS ser: parse error (39,1-9): parse error
>Feb 14 14:15:00 DISCUS ser: parse error (39,1-9):
>I have attached the complete cfg file. But if I remove that fi_check() call, ser runs fine. Have I messed something up with parameters????
>Thanks for your help!
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># $Id: ser.cfg,v 1.12 2002/10/21 02:40:06 jiri Exp $
># simple quick-start config script
># ----------- global configuration parameters ------------------------
>debug=3          # debug level (cmd line: -dddddddddd)
>log_stderror=no # (cmd line: -E)
>check_via=no    # (cmd. line: -v)
>dns=no           # (cmd. line: -r)
>rev_dns=no      # (cmd. line: -R)
># ------------------ module loading ----------------------------------
># Uncomment this if you want to use SQL database
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/mysql.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/sl.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/tm.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/rr.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/maxfwd.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/usrloc.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/registrar.so"
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/fi.so"
># Uncomment this if you want digest authentication
># mysql.so must be loaded !
>loadmodule "//usr/lib/ser/modules/auth.so"
># ----------------- setting module-specific parameters ---------------
># -- usrloc params --
>modparam("usrloc", "db_mode",   0)

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