[Serusers] Testing SER

Jan Janak J.Janak at sh.cvut.cz
Thu Feb 13 11:11:53 CET 2003

Hello, comments inline.

On 13-02 09:46, Jaime Hemmett wrote:
> <quote who="Jan Janak">
> >On 11-02 15:59, Jaime Hemmett wrote:
> >> With bone phone I have tried connecting but gotten:
> >> "java.net.BindException: Address already in use"
> >
> >  This probably means that the server is listening on <your_ip>:5060 and the
> >  bonephone tries to bind the same IP adress and port. Try to change
> >  port number either in ser or in bonephone so the server and the client
> >  will use different port numbers.
> Thankyou for this,   I tried a bunch of different settings with 
> bonephone and didn't succeed.  I installed linphone and it happily 
> talked through SER to SJPhone.
> So the problem is with bonePhone and most likely my settings (Not too 
> many docs with BonePhone).

  OK, I do not know bonephone much.

> I also haven't gotten microsoft messenger working with the non 
> authenticating system I'll check over the archives.

  It should work. Could you send us network dumps ? You can use ngrep
  utility to create them.

   regards, Jan.

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