[Serusers] New Setup of SER

serusers (Jiri) serusers at lists.iptel.org
Tue Feb 11 17:30:52 CET 2003

At 01:22 PM 2/11/2003, Chi Dang wrote:
>Sorry to be greedy but I have two questions. I've just finished
>installed the ser 0.8 version on Solaris 2.8.
>1. When I ran ser, it said it is listening to only 3 servers. I have
>added 2 more into my /etc/hosts file but make no difference. Where does
>ser daemon get the ip of servers that it is listening to?

/etc/hosts configures you resolver and does not affect the interfaces
configured on your host. ser determines existing interfaces but does
not care about your resolver's configuration.

>2. I plan to use ser with my cisco voip gateways. Is there anything
>special that I need to configure ser to make it work with Cisco

Maybe access control
Note that Cisco gateways have no digest support, so you are left
only with source IP address "authentication".


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