[Serusers] user permission problem on ser-jabber gw

Toni Barata (EPS) toni-r-barata at ptinovacao.pt
Tue Feb 11 11:06:17 CET 2003

Hi Daniel,
Ok, I found a configuration error on ser.cfg. On the Jaddress parameter the
Ip address had a sintax error (one of the dots was replaceded by a comma).
But now there is another problem:
    - When the sip client (messenger) sends a IM to the Jabber client, the
jabber client  do not receive the message but he is "notified" that the
sip-client is on-line.
    - When the jabber client send an IM to the sip client the messages is
received by the sip client.
Any idea of what is going on?
Best regards,

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You have to set debug=9 and log_stderror=yes in ser's config file.
Debug messages will be displayed on console and you can copy/paste in a

If you got that error message, means that ser-jabber gw was connected to
Jabber server, but something was happening and the connection was broken. So
some messages should have been exchanged between ser and Jabber. Did you
check all your network interfaces (I told you in last mail you have to sniff
loopback interface if Jabber server and ser is on the same machine)?


Toni Barata (EPS) wrote:

I forgot to tell you that I put the ethereal sniffing the network and  no
packet was sent by the ser-jabber gw to the port 5222 on the jabber server.
I seems that this is an internal problem on the ser-jabber. Is there a way
to send the logs to a file?
Best regards,

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